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Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC) are a global leader in offshore solutions - providing HSEQ and marine consultancy, marine coordination, offshore project management, client representation, vessel inspections and bespoke training. SMC work with the biggest global companies involved in oil and gas exploration and offshore renewable energy, having deployed their skilled HSEQ Advisors on international marine projects across every continent and ocean.


As SMC continued to expand, they began to look for a critical technology partner to redevelop their legacy systems and introduce new functionality. This redevelopment would ensure their further growth and further improve the business' efficiency by allowing intelligent management of offshore and onshore assets, vessels and personnel transfers. After researching UK-based software development companies, SMC decided to engage with Audacia due to our proven track record in business-critical development projects.


Audacia’s development team worked in partnership with SMC to develop a bespoke online portal that allows marine co-ordinators to manage assets at sea, such as turbines, substations and vessels, including the construction of turbines, with real-time visibility of the status of each assets; for example, current problems, exclusion zones and build status, in one centralised platform. Alongside assets, the platform also enables SMC to effectively execute the daily planning of personnel between locations for different job tasks, such as building, maintenance or review. In managing personnel transfers, the platform also contains reporting functions for factors such as distance travelled, fuel consumption, passenger transfer and number of 'push on's'.


Real-time visibility of onshore & offshore assets
Facilitating the optimal transfer of personnel
Greater collaboration between departments

The new bespoke software platform enables SMC to facilitate the optimal transfer of personnel with the visibility needed to effectively optimise planning (for example, the size of vessels sent out to specific locations). The integrated software solution also allows for greater collaboration between planning staff and onsite technicians to monitor factors such as safety information, including permits to work, certificate validations and RFIs, significantly improving operational efficiencies.


Audacia build business-critical software platforms for clients across a range of industries, from marine and construction, to agriculture and construction, working to solve complexities and enable people to work smarter: view more of our projects.


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We identified that updating our legacy systems was business critical, and set out to find a technology partner with the perfect experience in building integrated software systems for complex projects. Audacia understands our business and our sector and provides us with a reliable and innovative technology partnership.

Steve Evans | Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)
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