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Story Homes is an award winning UK property developer, with 30 years’ experience creating luxury, aspirational houses for sale throughout Cumbria, the North East, Lancashire and Scotland. Together with customer service, which consistently exceeds expectations, Story Homes provides a perfect house buying experience for its clients, picking out the best sites and locations to build stunning developments often described by owners as 'dream homes'.


Story Homes began to look for a software solution to manage their land development process in order to help meet ambitious growth plans. When researching the market for suitable options, Story Homes determined that no off-the-shelf solution would meet all of its requirements. As an alternative to a package approach, Story Homes began to look for a credible bespoke software development company to deliver a bespoke land development application.


Audacia worked in partnership with Story Homes, across multiple departments, to develop a bespoke, integrated project management software application. The new intuitive system manages the workflow required to take each site from the initial feasibility studies, through to the start of production, giving total visibility across developments.


Full visibility of production matched to sales
Significantly improving process efficiencies
Total visibility across land developments

Since the application has been released, the LDA has continued to redefine the way that Story Homes works, significantly improving business process efficiency. The easy to use, fully-functional application supports the management of production from land acquisition, to completion of first legal. The software application provides the business with full visibility of production matched to sales, with clear processes for managing business-critical workflows and monitoring key milestones. Due to the success of the project, Audacia has been commissioned to deliver a further 6 projects for Story Homes. The partnership will work to improve their business processes, mitigate risk and adopt new technologies (e.g. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) to remain competitive and support growth plans.


Audacia build business-critical software platforms for clients across a range of industries, from construction and manufacturing, to agriculture and marine, working to solve complexities and enable people to work smarter: view more of our projects.

They are a key business partner because of their high-quality work and its impact on our business. Our organisation believes that quality is key, and we’ve found that Audacia buys 100% into that. They always try to meet our requirements, no matter how challenging.

George Thomson | Story Homes
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