Helping organisations improve, scale and innovate through technology

Digital transformation

Consulting and strategy to make the most from technology, from discovery to implementation

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Software engineering

Expert teams to deliver innovative, business critical software development projects

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Cloud migration

Moving processes, systems and data to the cloud, using from Azure & AWS cloud technology and infrastructure

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Agile Software Development Company

Where digital transformation strategies require bespoke development, we deliver high quality projects using an agile approach, giving you flexibility and visibility. All of our partnerships are based on two engagement models, based on either a fixed budget or a dedicated team, enabling you to decide the best fit for your project.

Our Approach
Our Technology Services
Web Applications

User friendly and powerful bespoke web applications that improve the scalability and efficiency of your organisation.

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Tablet Applications

Reliable and robust tablet applications that
streamline processes and enable greater
collaboration, visibility and decision making.

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Mobile Applications

Intuitive mobile applications integrated with core business systems that support fast and easy access to data and business procedures.

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AR/VR Solutions

Our virtual and augmented reality apps offer immersive experiences to deliver greater business value through engaging interactions and optimised workflows.

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Systems Integration

Integrating business systems to increase productivity and mitigate risk by ensuring that your systems operate as a single framework.

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Analysis/Proof of Concept

Delivering clear, technical roadmaps and proof of concepts to support decision making around business strategies.

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People who trust us.

We have established a reputation as a critical digital transformation partner with long-standing relationships. We help customers automate, streamline and simplify their processes by delivering intuitive and scalable solutions.

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Rich Kenny, Techbuyer

"There’s no question they were the best choice to work with. One of our key factors was availability. Since we moved to them, the site has had zero downtime. In the last month, we haven’t had even a second of unplanned maintenance. That’s exactly the reliability and sustainability we wanted."

George Thomson, Story Homes

"They are a key business partner because of their high-quality work and its impact on our business. Our organisation believes that quality is key, and we’ve found that Audacia buys 100% into that. They always try to meet our requirements, no matter how challenging."

Stuart Welsh, AESSEAL

"Our ability to respond to customer enquiries and requests for technical information is massively increased. Not only is it much more timely, the effort required internally is significantly reduced. We have always been good at it, but this software allows us to be absolutely excellent at it."

Steve Evans, Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)

"We identified that updating our legacy systems was business critical, and set out to find a technology partner with the perfect experience in building integrated software systems for complex projects. Audacia understands our business and our sector and provides us with a reliable and innovative technology partnership."

Telefónica O2

"As always, working with Audacia has been very easy. This was a major project for all involved. The result was very well received, it improved processes and made the whole ticketing process much simpler. Audacia always deliver and have become one of our most trusted bespoke software development suppliers."

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We’re a UK based digital transformation & software development company with offices in Leeds and London. Our clients are based across the UK and range in size from SMEs to large global corporations, working across a broad range of industries including construction, manufacturing, energy and agriculture.

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