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Partnering with leading businesses to adopt Cloud technologies, simplifying complexities and improving reliability through managed hosting environments.

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Audacia delivered systems
Items of stock managed across 4 countries for a global leader in IT refurbishment
£170 million
Annual sales supported for a global mechanical seals manufacturer
Aptus Utilities
£2.5 million
Worth of stock managed for one of the UK’s leading multi utility providers
What we offer
Azure Hosting

We help you to adopt industry leading Microsoft Azure Cloud technologies, simplifying the complexity and improving the reliability of your managed hosting environment. We partner with businesses to deliver a range of cloud services, including virtual machines and application hosting services, as well as data storage and data analytics, overall working to maximise system uptime, performance and scalability.

Application Migration

Whether you are looking to redeploy existing web based applications or reengineer legacy applications for cloud, we can help plan and execute a cloud migration strategy. By hosting your applications within Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, you will have greater power over scalability, backup and redundancy, as well as having access to a range of Azure cloud services from the Internet of Things (IoT), to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Flexible and Scalable

Hosting within Azure provides you with the ability to scale your hosting environment seamlessly, offering the ability to scale up, or out, to suit. With the ability to manage scale out automatically based on the current load of the system, for example, by default if the system usage is over 70% for over 10 minutes, spin up another instance. Such flexibility can ensure your hosted platform grows in line with your business, as well as having the capability to adapt to trends and surges in usage.

In-House Support

You’ll benefit from our dedicated in-house support engineers that work to support and maintain both your cloud infrastructure and your hosted cloud applications. From security patching to application bug fixing, we can ensure that your platform will remain scalable and robust for to meet your current and future business needs.

Backup and Recovery

By moving your data and services to the cloud, you are able to benefit from the redundancy built into the Azure platform, ensuring the durability and high availability of your applications. Protecting your data against unplanned events, such as hardware failures, network or power outages or natural disasters, Azure offers flexible backup and geo-redundancy options, detecting and guarding against accidental destruction of critical data corruption, offering redundant data availability across the globe.

Security & Access

By migrating to Microsoft Azure, your hosted environment will benefit from Azure’s global, secure and robust infrastructure; with the ability to set up application gateways (adhering to OWASP principles) and load balancing, as well as benefiting from real-time monitoring on factors such as dependency alerts and irregular request patters. Leveraging Azure Active Directory and Single Sign On features also provides unified identity and access management of your systems such as SaaS platforms and Office 365 applications.

How to maximise the performance of your existing systems
Rich Kenny, Techbuyer

"There’s no question they were the best choice to work with. One of our key factors was availability. Since we moved to them, the site has had zero downtime. In the last month, we haven’t had even a second of unplanned maintenance. That’s exactly the reliability and sustainability we wanted."

George Thomson, Story Homes

"They are a key business partner because of their high-quality work and its impact on our business. Our organisation believes that quality is key, and we’ve found that Audacia buys 100% into that. They always try to meet our requirements, no matter how challenging."

Stuart Welsh, AESSEAL

"Our ability to respond to customer enquiries and requests for technical information is massively increased. Not only is it much more timely, the effort required internally is significantly reduced. We have always been good at it, but this software allows us to be absolutely excellent at it."

Steve Evans, Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)

"We identified that updating our legacy systems was business critical, and set out to find a technology partner with the perfect experience in building integrated software systems for complex projects. Audacia understands our business and our sector and provides us with a reliable and innovative technology partnership."

Telefónica O2

"As always, working with Audacia has been very easy. This was a major project for all involved. The result was very well received, it improved processes and made the whole ticketing process much simpler. Audacia always deliver and have become one of our most trusted bespoke software development suppliers."

Our process
Project Review / Feasibility
Firstly, we have an initial conversation to run through your project ideas and challenges, get to know your business and discuss your current infrastructure to decide if a bespoke solution is the best approach.
Requirements Review & Backlog Definition
After analysing and defining your project requirements and roadmap, we work to define a backlog of features and prioritise using the MoSCoW method. The backlog is then reviewed and features are planned into iterations.
Development & Testing
We then begin developing your software application using the agile methodology, focusing on communication and collaboration, with shared ownership, ensuring that your end solution delivers the greatest value.
If your project requires, we plan, manage and schedule the migration process from one operating environment to another, ensuring the successful delivery of your project with minimal downtime and adverse risk.
Release & Post Release Support
As part of our end-to-end service, we support you in the release of your application and deliver reliable and secure hosting environments to suit your requirements in order to maximise your systems performance.
Ongoing Support
After your application has gone live, we offer tailored support agreements based on your requirements, making sure that your solution remains reliable and performant and continues to drive business value.
Discuss Your Project
As a first step in the process, we can talk through your project together to quickly determine indicative project timescales, budgets and review a high level plan for delivery.
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We solve problems in every major industry
Public Sector
We partner with leading companies across a number of industries, using our cross-industry knowledge as a key benefactor to each project. From large scale integration projects to 3D modelling applications, we work across every market sector to reduce complexities and enable people to work smarter.
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