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“Audacia is a custom CRM development company that specialises in developing bespoke CRM software that is unique to your specific business, workflows and customer needs.”

We are experienced in bespoke CRM development, building systems that will help you manage every aspect of your sales and support life cycle; from sales pipeline forecasting to online customer feedback processes. 

Our custom CRM software systems are developed as cloud based solutions with multiple portals with role based security for a variety of user types; for example, customers, staff, partner companies, etc.  Enabling you to manage workflows, both internally (i.e. across departments) and externally (i.e. customers, suppliers), with control and auditing of activity at every stage of the process.

We can also build your custom CRM software upon existing software systems, for example, integrating with existing finance or ERP platforms to ensure operations are scalable and efficient, whilst removing the risks associated with maintaining an independent system.

From SME’s to large corporates, Audacia are experienced in bespoke CRM development that adds value at every level of the business, from increasing productivity within sales teams to providing analytical information to support decision making at a senior management level.

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