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Our leading bespoke software application developers have experience in developing innovative, secure and robust, business-critical software solutions for clients across multiple industry sectors.

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What we offer

Our software application developers place a strong focus on user-experience throughout the development project, with extensive experience in designing and developing applications that are built specifically dependent on the user, whether that be on of your internal teams, consumers, or multiple different audiences. Our custom application developers use industry standard JavaScript frameworks such as Knockout.js and Angular 2 to deliver fast and responsive bespoke software solutions, alongside our mobile applications being built using journey mapping, wire-framing and prototyping to deliver rich and complex functionality in simple, effective apps.

Robust & Effective

Our internal teams are made up of Microsoft accredited, skilled bespoke software application developers with experience in building secure and robust, innovative, business-critical software applications for a range of different organisations, across multiple different sectors. With the diverse experience across our teams of business application developers, we are able to analyse, design, build and test an effective software solution that is tailored to your unique requirements and budget; whether that be a secure back-end internal platform, or a large-scale consumer facing web application, our custom application developers are trusted to deliver.

Application Integration

We specialise in integrated custom application development, with most of the bespoke software applications that we develop having a requirement to integrate with other software systems, including 3rd party providers, legacy systems and online search providers. Our bespoke application developers have experience working and integrating with various providers across CRM, ERP, financial, mapping and payment gateways, with examples being Salesforce, COINS, Google Maps, HMRC Services and SharePoint.

Adaptive & Extendable

We are a business application developer that adopts an approach based on the agile methodology, ensuring that the bespoke mobile and web applications that we developer are built to support modular, iterative improvements overtime, in line with your organisation's changes in needs and requirements. We are experienced in building scalable and adaptable solutions, with most of the software applications that we develop performing business-critical processes, with most increasing in scale and requirement throughout their life-cycle, running 24/7 for 7 years now.

Tools & Technologies

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, with teams of software application developers that are experienced in building bespoke solutions on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Our use of long-established, industry standard technologies allows us to develop complex, robust and high-performing custom business applications, that are scalable, future-proof and easy to maintain.

Support Packages

As part of our service, we provide a high level of dedicated support throughout the custom business application development life-cycle, from working with customers to define documentation, training methods and deployment strategies, including beta releases and staged roll-outs etc. prior to release; as well as ongoing subsequent support after your software project has been released, to ensure optimum performance and continuity of business processes.

Our process
Project Review / Feasibility
Firstly, we have an initial conversation to run through your project ideas and challenges, get to know your business and discuss your current infrastructure to decide if a bespoke solution is the best approach.
Requirements Review & Backlog Definition
After analysing and defining your project requirements and roadmap, we work to define a backlog of features and prioritise using the MoSCoW method. The backlog is then reviewed and features are planned into iterations.
Development & Testing
We then begin developing your software application using the agile methodology, focusing on communication and collaboration, with shared ownership, ensuring that your end solution delivers the greatest value.
If your project requires, we plan, manage and schedule the migration process from one operating environment to another, ensuring the successful delivery of your project with minimal downtime and adverse risk.
Release & Post Release Support
As part of our end-to-end service, we support you in the release of your application and deliver reliable and secure hosting environments to suit your requirements in order to maximise your systems performance.
Ongoing Support
After your application has gone live, we offer tailored support agreements based on your requirements, making sure that your solution remains reliable and performant and continues to drive business value.
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