Business Systems Diagnostic

Business Change
Our business has changed significantly since the existing system was selected
We are currently undergoing or planning significant growth
We have concerns about the future roadmap of our current system
Systems Performance
Poor system performance slows down our operations
We have issues with synchronisation across systems
It's difficult to make changes and improvements to our current system
We often receive negative feedback about our system from teams
Business Process
We struggle to integrate our current system with new applications
Our teams have to type in the same information into multiple different systems
We get different answers from different systems at different times
Our teams frequently default to offline workarounds
Mobile Working
Our teams struggle to access information remotely
Our teams can't report in real-time when working remotely
Our mobile capabilities are not currently sufficient
Business Reporting
Our business reporting is not adequate for decision making
We do not have real-time access to information
We have had numerous discrepancies in information over the last 6 months