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benefits of TDD

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a fairly well established software development practice, with lots of companies (large, corporate companies as well as smaller software development houses and design agencies) advocating it. Despite this widespread adoption there is still resistance to it, from both software developers and managers, so for anyone not yet convinced, these are t…

What is .NET Core?
11/11/2016 - Jamie Taylor
What is .NET Core?

First, A Little History on .NET

During the late 90s, Microsoft started work on something that they were calling Next Generation Windows Services (or NGWS for short). NGWS was originally designed to let Windows users access all kinds of services over the Internet.

In fact, in an early presentation for NGWS, Steve Balmer (who hated the name NGWS) said that it would allow users …

Development Platform Upgrade
23/08/2013 - Philip Rashleigh
Development Platform Upgrade

As a bespoke technology consultancy we are often tasked with re-writing software written by other agencies, some of which are written in technologies that were outdated well over a decade ago.

Being a Microsoft Certified Partner and an active .NET development consultancy, we at Audacia feel it is important to keep up to date with the latest technologies and software that Micr…

Microsoft Partnership
22/07/2013 - Audacia
Microsoft Partnership

Audacia have entered into partnership with Microsoft as a Certified Application Development Partner.

To achieve this accreditation, Microsoft required project case studies and feedback from our customers. Audacia were also required to prove the quality of our software development team by passing a collection of Microsoft Certified Professional exams.

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