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Monitoring for Vulnerable Dependencies
20/10/2021 - Richard Brown
Monitoring for Vulnerable Dependencies

Today, we live in a world of multiple dependencies, with popular packages like npm, Yarn and NuGet housing reusable code for developers. Even a very simple Vue app created with the Vue CLI pulls in nearly 1000 npm packages — a further testament to the significance that dependencies hold within development.

But with great power, comes great vulnerabilities. Any of these packag…

Automated Testing of APIs
20/09/2021 - Richard Brown
Automated Testing of APIs

Why Automated Testing?

In the last few years, test automation has matured from being the cool new trend to something that every self-respecting software team uses. New roles have sprung up around it, such as ‘Automation Engineer’ and ‘Software Developer in Test’.

Why has automated testing become such a major part of the software development lifecycle? Its main selling point i…

Open Sourcing our Code
17/08/2021 - Richard Brown
Open Sourcing our Code

Here at Audacia we've long been keen supporters of open-source software. We use a lot of Microsoft technologies, and since .NET Core there has been a real shift in the .NET community towards open source. Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub has only accelerated this shift. As a full-stack software development company with a background in web development, we’re also frequent bene…

How Audacia implements Google's OR-Tools into projects


The vast majority of business problems relate to minimising costs. With many possible solutions available, the ‘best’ option could be defined as the one which maximises one of these desired outc…

Angular speed comparison
16/11/2018 - Liam Ward
Angular speed comparison

For the past two years, the majority of Audacia's new web development projects have been built on a stack of:

  • ASP.NET Core RESTful API
  • An Angular UI running within an ASP.NET Core project.

The ASP.NET Core UI running Angular was based on Microsoft's initial Angular 2 template. As a result of this, we had to configure the Angular build steps of the application within webpack…

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