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We partner with industry leaders to build complex, business-critical software as part of their digital transformation strategies.

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Audacia delivered systems
£170 million
Annual sales supported for a global mechanical seals manufacturer
ADM Agriculture
500 million
Tons of grain managed and distributed p.a. for a leading agricultural commodities trader
Items of stock managed across 4 countries for a global leader in IT refurbishment
What we offer
An experienced partner

We have established a reputation as a critical technology partner with long standing relationships. We’re trusted by leading private and public sector organisation to build technology solutions that simplify complexities, enable people to work smarter, improve customer experiences and give a competitive edge. As an established digital transformation partner, we have delivered business-critical software projects across a range of industries; from manufacturing and construction, to agriculture and oil and gas, ensuring you that we have the ability to build future-proof, robust and scalable solutions that deliver return on investment.

Collaborative partnerships

Our digital transformation partnerships are underpinned by collaboration. We work closely with your business to gain a deep understanding of processes, operations and people. Alongside needs, wants and challenges. This ensures that each piece of system functionality is built to clearly align with current and future business objectives. This collaborative approach continues throughout the project with consistent communication for rapid feedback loops and regular face-to-face meetings, enabling us to gain clarity on new and existing requirements, whilst keeping within agreed costs and timescales.

Full visibility

We are a digital transformation company who’s values are centred around being open and transparent, as we value success lies in allowing full visibility across projects. We empower you to choose the level of engagement most suited to your circumstance and business set up. From high level participation in planning sessions, to reviewing backlogs and test results. As a Microsoft Gold certified development company, we utilise standard platforms, such as Azure DevOps, to enable you to track project progress, provide feedback and suggest changes and additions to your software application.

An iterative approach

We deliver high quality software projects using an agile approach, specifically we use the Scrum framework, focusing on communication and collaboration and giving the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities. We believe that key to a successful software project is the acceptance that change will happen as a natural part of the development process. Whether this is a change as a result of a product prototype, a change in the marketplace, or a change in your organisation’s processes, the use of an agile approach enables us to plan for these changes and adapt as required.

Tailored support agreements

As in the majority of cases we are managing business-critical business processes, we dedicate a high level of support from the offset of the project, throughout development and post-release. We deliver support agreements that are tailored to unique requirements, with considerations for data migration, communication, training strategies, documentation, hosting and deployment. Ensuring that your system remains performant, scalable and future-proof, in line with your businesses current and future needs.

How to maximise the performance of your existing systems
Our process
Project Review / Feasibility
Firstly, we have an initial conversation to run through your project ideas and challenges, get to know your business and discuss your current infrastructure to decide if a bespoke solution is the best approach.
Requirements Review & Backlog Definition
After analysing and defining your project requirements and roadmap, we work to define a backlog of features and prioritise using the MoSCoW method. The backlog is then reviewed and features are planned into iterations.
Development & Testing
We then begin developing your software application using the agile methodology, focusing on communication and collaboration, with shared ownership, ensuring that your end solution delivers the greatest value.
If your project requires, we plan, manage and schedule the migration process from one operating environment to another, ensuring the successful delivery of your project with minimal downtime and adverse risk.
Release & Post Release Support
As part of our end-to-end service, we support you in the release of your application and deliver reliable and secure hosting environments to suit your requirements in order to maximise your systems performance.
Ongoing Support
After your application has gone live, we offer tailored support agreements based on your requirements, making sure that your solution remains reliable and performant and continues to drive business value.
Discuss Your Project
As a first step in the process, we can talk through your project together to quickly determine indicative project timescales, budgets and review a high level plan for delivery.
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We solve problems in every major industry
Public Sector
We partner with leading companies across a number of industries, using our cross-industry knowledge as a key benefactor to each project. From large scale integration projects to 3D modelling applications, we work across every market sector to reduce complexities and enable people to work smarter.
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