• Online Car Club for E-Car (Europcar Company)

    Online Car Club for E-Car (Europcar Company)

    • 18 Month Fixed-Cost Agile Software Development Project
    • Real-Time Vehicle Communication & Tracking
    • Collaborative Development Project with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Bespoke Land Management Software Development for Story Homes

    Bespoke Land Management Software Development for Story Homes

    • 18 Month Fixed-Price Bespoke Software Development Project
    • Bespoke Microsoft.NET Software Development
    • Intelligent & Scalable Custom Web Application Development
  • Event Management Software Development for Telefónica

    Event Management Software Development for Telefónica

    • Multiple Bespoke Software Development Projects (4 Years+)
    • Automated Email & SMS Systems Integration
    • ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server
  • Restorative Justice for Hampshire Police Crime Commissioner

    Restorative Justice for Hampshire Police Crime Commissioner

    • Secure Web Application Communication Platform
    • High Performance Media Streaming Engine
    • Collaborative Software Development Project with Multiple Stakeholders
  • Collaborative Development Rebuild with AESSEAL

    Collaborative Development Rebuild with AESSEAL

    • Agile Software Development Partner Project (16 months+)
    • Visual Studio Online Project Management Method
    • ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server

Software Development Company

Audacia is a leading Microsoft Gold custom software development company that is trusted to deliver innovative and complex, business-critical enterprise software solutions.
Our ability to respond to customer enquiries and requests for technical information is massively increased."

- Stuart Welsh, Head of IT, AESSEAL
Experienced Expertise

Experienced Expertise

Audacia is a bespoke software development company with a strong record of developing enterprise bespoke software systems. We are trusted by customers to produce effective, scalable & secure solutions to support their business-critical processes.

Our software development company has diverse experience in developing complex software solutions across a range of verticals, from manufacturing to construction, ensuring that we have the ability to build you a system that matches your requirements.



Our software development company places a strong focus on working in a collaborative partnership to gain a deep understanding of your business processes & operations, to fully participate in the analysis of your requirements, ensuring each functionality is clearly aligned with your business objectives.

With strong levels of constant communication throughout the project, we are able to gain clarity on requirements, review new requirements & adapt to new understandings, whilst keeping within agreed costs & timescales.



We believe that software development should be an open & transparent process.

Our software development company provides you with full visibility across projects, from planning sessions to reviewing feature backlogs & test results, using channels such as Visual Studio Services Online, allowing you to select the level of engagement most appropriate to your business.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We are a software development company with a flexible, agile project management approach, accepting that change will & should happen as part of the development process.

Whether this change is a result of processes being changed, feedback from a prototype or simply a change in the marketplace, our approach plans for change, having the ability to adapt as required.

More about our project management approach here.



At our software development company, we have experienced in delivering bespoke software applications across a variety of platforms.

Our development teams have experience in developing complex software systems for a specific platform that is subsequently released across other platforms. For example, we are able to migrate functionality developed for a specific web-based application over to a customer-facing mobile application, ensuring you that your application framework can securely adapt & scale over time.

Focused Support

Focused Support

Audacia are a support focused software development company, supporting you throughout the development process, including support in building up to project release date with factors such as data migration, communication, training, documentation, hosting & deployment.

We also offer subsequent support after the project release date to ensure continuity of business operations, with each new discovery of an issue being converted into an automated test prior to future deployments


The Audacia team has worked on a couple of projects for City Car Club along the way. We have always found them very professional and knowledgeable. A great bespoke software development company to work with.

James Finlayson, Managing Director, City Car Club

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