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An integrated, centralised platform to support a large volume of invoices each month for one of the UK's fastest growing energy companies that would scale and flex in line with their growth plans.

Yorkshire Gas and Power (YGP)
Billing Management Platform

YGP are one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, and not only within the energy sector, supplying gas and electricity to England, Scotland and Wales. YGP feel passionate about providing the finest customer service in the industry and have a consistent high standard of service whilst continuing to experience significant growth. YGP have a vision to become a serious competitor to the ‘Big 6’ by providing a first class experience to their existing and new customers alike.


As YGP continued to grow and diversify their service offerings, they soon realised that their existing manual, excel spreadsheet based processes were unable to support their needs. YGP then looked to develop a software system that could manage their whole billing process including managing contracts, recording of customers and sites and invoicing. At this stage, YGP looked for a software development partner to build a bespoke system that matched their business requirements and could scale and flex in line with their business as they grew.


Audacia built a centralised platform to automate YGP's total billing process, from recording new customers and sites, to contract management and invoice generation, as well as a broker portal for brokers to see customer pricing. Integrated with Sage, the web-based platform streamlined their existing processes, significantly increasing operational efficiencies, visibility and accessibility of data.


The new centralised platform supports a large volume of invoices each month, also enabling YGP to offer further benefits to customers, including aggregated invoicing, as well as supporting flexible commission structures for brokers based on complex workflows.