Our Projects | Gleadell Agriculture (now ADM UK)


Established in 1880 Gleadell Agriculture Ltd is an independent, major trader of grain in the UK and, in volatile and risk-laden markets, is a safe and trusted trading partner for farmers and consumers. Gleadell are a significant supplier to UK millers, maltsters, feed compounders and other consumers of grain and a leading exporter of all grains, oilseeds and pulses to markets in the EU and further afield.


Gleadell Agriculture has always been an early adopter of technology, however, when they started to realise that many of their employees' jobs had started to involve implementing workarounds on their current system in order to carry out their roles, they decided that their legacy system had reached end of life. Gleadell Agriculture decided to engage with a business-critical technology partner to develop a new, modern, bespoke trading platform to support their business as it continues to grow. With Gleadell managing three core product areas; fertiliser, seed and grain, and each having 100’s of different product options with their own pricing and pricing rules, Gleadell looked for a UK-based software development company that was capable of interpreting complex business logic into an intuitive system, based on the latest technologies, that could scale in line with the future business plans.


Audacia developed an intuitive and reliable agricultural commodities trading platform that streamlined and automated key business processes, such as purchase and sales contracts for grain, fertiliser and seed products. This included pricing structures on contracts (added as a fixed priced or a variable price dependent on market value at time of execution) and integrated market price alerts to notify traders on key price fluctuations.

Integrated with Gleadell’s two other core business systems, NetSuite and Red Tractor Assurance, the new bespoke software solution provides synchronised, accurate data, with consistent data transfer across systems. The new integrated system provides updating factors such as; invoice generation and supplier validity in real-time, minimising costs and obstructions to the trading process and financial return.

With vital functionality to support the business-critical invoicing module of the business, Audacia streamlined the business process of generating over 200 invoices per day, covering collections and deliveries to and from farmers and consumers, including invoices for the farmer, consumer and haulier, with digitised footprints for claims that are made on delivery if the product does not match the expected quality.

At the core of the software application, Gleadell are able to effectively execute financial planning, with the ability to sort financial contracts into regional pots. This gives the visibility into where they have over sold on a particular type of grain in a particular area, giving Gleadell the accurate, business-critical data that they need for effective reporting and analysis to improve investments, efficiencies and value for money.