• Collaborative Software Development Rebuild with AESSEAL

    Collaborative Software Development Rebuild with AESSEAL

    • Agile Software Development Partner Project (16 months+)
    • Visual Studio Online Project Management Method
    • ASP.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server

Collaborative Development Partner

“Audacia partner with your software development teams in a collaborative development approach that results in smarter & faster development”


In choosing Audacia as a collaborative development partner, you will gain access to our skilled resource pool of expert, reliable developers who are experienced in building a varied range of systems, automating varying types of processes, with differing functionality, all to a significantly high standard.

Our software developers work in partnership with your in-house developers, extending and strengthening your team, contributing to overall smarter & faster development, increasing efficiency as well as reducing your time to market.


Within our collaborative development approach, Audacia offer dedicated, high-performing developers who become resources solely for your project.

Our software developers adapt to your business processes & practices to ensure a one-team approach; building your product in your preferred method.


Within a collaborative development partnership, we feel that communication is key. Strong communication is the basis of a smooth and effective development process.

Audacia offer components such as video conferencing software, so that our developers can participate in daily stand ups with your development team, as well as various messaging suites to ensure constant, open communication streams throughout the duration of your project, for subsequent events & ongoing support.

Knowledge Transfer

Throughout the software development process, our software developers act as a knowledge source for your development project, adding insight into new practices or functionality to improve your system.

This knowledge transfer works both ways, resulting in an efficient, effective and tried system that is of the best standard and quality for the end means within your business.


All of our software developers are onshore in the UK; enhancing communication and accessibility.

This means no time difference between working developers, no language barriers, as well as the ability of frequent person to person contact through meetings; resulting in a seamless, smooth and effective development process.

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