A guide to maximising the performance of your existing systems

Inefficient software platforms will inevitably impact on performance and efficiency across departments, business functions and potentially customer experience. This eBook discusses the challenges and risks of outdated systems, as well as options to maximise performance.

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Business, markets and technology constantly evolve. Yet many business critical software systems are connected to purpose-built software infrastructure which can be challenging to adapt to change. Existing technology infrastructures are often inflexible, need ongoing management and resource, and multiple customisations and integrations to ensure disparate systems communicate with each other. Legacy issues are not just experienced as pain in the business, lost opportunities in the form of an inability to innovate, change business models, improve customer experience, respond to market forces, drive productivity and efficiency and ultimately gain competitive advantage can have a greater impact on business performance.

Learn about:
  1. The challenges & risks associated with legacy software projects
  2. Four management strategies to increase the success of software projects
  3. Four approaches to maximise the performance of your existing systems
  4. Three case reviews of software projects detailing complex business issues and how these were resolved using bespoke software
  5. A business systems self diagnostic tool to highlight vulnerabilities and gaps in existing systems
Whats Inside The Book
A guide to different approaches businesses can take to maximise the performance of existing systems, providing strategies for success in software projects and examples of how other organisations achieved effective transformations.
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About the author
Philip Rashleigh is Technical Director at Audacia and is responsible for the overall technical strategy and infrastructure, deciding the most appropriate tools and technologies for mission-critical software projects. Alongside this, Phil is also responsible for developer recruitment, infrastructure and information security. Phil is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and prior to joining Audacia, held technical roles at HSBC and Barclays.
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