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“The new quotation platform, supporting over £100M p.a in sales, provides us with the real-time ability to create accurate quotations with practically unlimited combinations of products and product features, saving us time and money and giving us a competitive advantage.”

- Stuart Welsh, Group IT Director, AESSEAL plc

Audacia are a leading software development company with extensive experience supporting organisations in the delivery of innovative and scalable technology solutions.

From significant integration projects, to bespoke ERP extensions and mobile reporting applications, our teams are well versed in developing complex, business-critical solutions to support the growth and expansion plans of global manufacturers.

Our technology expertise, along with our sector knowledge, enables us to develop intuitive and forward-thinking solutions to streamline external and internal manufacturing processes, improve operational efficiencies and provide a framework to support strategic innovation.

Industrial IoT Intelligently monitor, manage and report against factories, equipment and assets throughout the supply chain to provide actionable insights for effective improvement, decision-making and strategic innovation.

Interoperability Improve operational efficiency, performance and reliability through the integration of disparate systems (ERP, CRM, Finance, MRP etc.), gaining complete, real-time visibility of customers and business-critical operations.

ERP Enhancements Extend, transform or re-engineer your current ERP platform to improve usability and access to business-critical data, providing the platform you need to work smarter and deliver strategic digital transformation.

Legacy Modernisation Optimise processes through system modernisation to achieve greater adaptability, reliability and efficiency, enabling you to reduce costs, tap into big data opportunities, drive innovation and remain competitive.

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“The vast majority of UK manufacturers, some 92%, believe that smart, connected technology will enable their business to increase productivity levels per headcount. Almost the same number, 91%, believe that data-driven insights from connected machines and people will inform their decision-making, drive efficiencies and reduce costs.”

- The Manufacturer: Annual Manufacturing Report 2018

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