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“To achieve our ambitious plans for the future, we need to continuously invest in our technology. We identified that updating our legacy systems was business critical, and set out to find a technology partner with the perfect experience in building integrated software systems for complex projects. Audacia understands our business and our sector and provides us with a reliable and innovative technology partnership.”

- Steve Evans, Operations Manager, Specialist Marine Consultants (SMC)

Audacia is a trusted software development partner for the energy and utilities sector, with a proven track record of delivering innovative and complex, business-critical technology solutions to marine, electricity, oil & gas organisations.

With energy and utilities being a rapidly evolving industry landscape, we work to bridge operational gaps through intuitive technology applications, bringing more value to organisations and individuals.

With experience including the delivery of offshore management solutions, industrial site mobile applications and innovative asset management solutions, we help energy and utilities companies transform industry challenges into opportunities, enabling them to achieve more effective improvements and efficiencies leading to growth and innovation.

Legacy Integration Integrate core legacy systems to ensure a seamless, timely exchange of vital data, varying in volume and complexity, enabling total, real-time visibility of business-critical operations and customers, to drive rapid innovation.

Customer Support Enhance customer support through intuitive applications, gaining a 360 degree view of end-users to offer an optimum, competitive service, whilst enabling organisations to make real-time, data-driven decisions to initiate consumer driven innovation.

IoT Connect energy and utilities estates through the IoT, enabling the intelligent monitoring of networks and assets, analysing data over time to enable preventative maintenance, as well as demand prediction and the ability to spot outages.

Workforce Management Strategically manage workforce and maximise efficiencies through the use of intelligent applications that give real-time visibility into labour, work in progress and equipment, reducing downtime and improving field productivity and safety.

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“The utilities industry is undergoing significant changes driven by shifting power sources to green, renewable energy; implementing complex demand management methods; and fundamentally changing the business and customer management model from managing "rate payers" to establishing business relationships with customers as they become both a user and a source of energy. IT is a critical asset in these transitions, whether it is implementing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, addressing the customer management environment, or addressing other key areas in power generation, distribution, customer services arenas.”

- Gartner, 2018