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“They are a key business partner because of their high-quality work and its impact on our business. Our organisation believes that quality is key, and we’ve found that Audacia buys 100% into that. They work tirelessly to achieve valuable, effective results.”

- George Thomson, Group IT Project Manager, Story Homes

With construction and engineering being a primary segment of Audacia, we deliver tailored technology solutions for leading organisations to make them smarter, more efficient and competitive.

With experience including significant integration projects with enterprise business platforms; such as COINS and Salesforce, the development of land delivery scheduling software, as well as forward-thinking CGI VR viewing solutions, our teams are trusted to deliver complex and robust systems to maximise workforce productivity and deliver new levels of visibility, collaboration, efficiency and control.

Our experience, coupled with our knowledge of the sector enables us to help construction and engineering organisations adopt the appropriate technologies that transform industry challenges into opportunities, providing a platform for strategic innovation.

Interconnectivity Improve operational efficiencies through integrating core systems (COINS, ERP, CRM, Finance), automating the process of transferring real-time data between operations, improving sales, production and business-critical reporting.

VR/AR Enable key stakeholders to step into fully immersive, 3D environments to gather real-time information about the project in each stage and deliver improvement to efficiencies, health and safety and an overall higher quality final product.

Mobile Working Digitally enable frontline site workers and create connected job sites to improve collaboration across operations and access to real-time, task-critical data that reduces RFI’s and issue resolving from days or weeks to hours or minutes.

Digitise Move away from paper to digitalised workflows, enabling real-time information sharing, greater transparency and collaboration, timely progress and risk assessment, quality control and more reliable and high quality outcomes.

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“As the national and global economies continue to boom in this decade, so has the need for new and innovative technology in the construction industry. New technology and trends have kept up with this rise in demand, and in the following year alone, the use of these trends will continue to increase in both usage and adoption. According to Research and Markets, the global construction industry is expected to reach an estimated $10.5 trillion by 2023, and it is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2018 to 2023, a pace that is quickly antiquating pen, paper and spreadsheets.”

- Construction World, 2018