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How leadership affects digital transformation

The digital disruption is bigger than ever. Organisations across the globe are recognising the power that technology can bring to their operations and, with Gartner forecasting a further 6.5% increase in Government IT spending for 2022, these transformations continue to support global infrastructure. 

However, the harsh reality remains that close to ¾ of all digital transform…

Overcoming security risks in your digital transformation projects

This article will advise on how best to safeguard digital transformation projects; firstly, identifying current security threats, before suggesting solutions across both technology and culture that can help reduce these issues. 

Digital Transformation leading to security risks 

Technology has the potential to substantially improve a company’s service and operations. However, …

Which technology trends are right for your business?

More than ever, businesses are looking to technology to leverage their operations. According to a survey by Twilio, 1 in 3 British organisations say that their digital transformation budget has increased during the pandemic. 

For some, it’s likely that the disruption caused by COVID-19 expedited business critical developments, like the updating of outdated existing legacy sys…

Maintaining digital initiatives amidst a pandemic: the story so far

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial effect on businesses. Adopting remote working practices, abiding by social distancing regulations and adapting internal operations are just a few new challenges that businesses have had to deal with.

Throughout all of this, technology has been critical to business continuity, with many companies rapidly undergoing digitisation proce…

Measuring performance in digital transformation

When businesses look to execute an initiative or part of their digital strategy, questions are quick to follow. How much will it cost? What increase in revenue can you expect to see over the next year? An equally important question is how you will measure the performance of your strategy.

According to one recent survey, 70% of Senior Executives across Europe are in agreement …

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