Audacia delivers bespoke tech tool for manufacturing institutes

Audacia delivers bespoke tech tool for manufacturing institutes

Audacia transforms roadmap workshops for two leading manufacturing innovation institutes with a bespoke technology tool. This new software will allow the businesses to diversify into new sectors and expand their geographical reach across the UK.

Sister organisations High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI) and Digital Engineering and Test Centre (DETC) will have exclusive use of the project planning tool to help clients set three-year business plan roadmaps. With a previous client base of large automotive companies, most notably Ford Motor Company, HSSMI is diversifying into other manufacturing sectors including oil and gas, textiles, and food and drink.

Replacing a resource-intensive paper approach, the digital tool means a project management process that previously took five to seven days now only takes one day.

DETC Manufacturing New Technologies Engineer, Tristan Coats, said:

“Audacia understood the inefficiencies behind our paper-based method and came up with an innovative interactive solution. They’ve been a responsive and reliable partner and have given us a real competitive edge for years to come.”

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