Audacia launches innovative software platform for AESSEAL plc

Audacia launches innovative software platform for AESSEAL plc
Monday, April 23, 2018 - Audacia

  • Audacia has launched a new innovative and scalable software platform for AESSEAL plc. The bespoke software solution has been developed iteratively, aggregating modules developed throughout a four-year collaborative partnership to reform AESSEAL’s legacy systems.

    The platform can be summarised as a knowledge management solution, comprising of three core modules, enabling them to intelligently map customer sites, collate rich data from sealing maintenance operations and gain competitive advantages in producing evidence based proposals for bespoke product and service offerings.

    AESSEAL group IT director, Stuart Welsh, said:

    “Working with Audacia was a collaborative two-way process and the level of communication throughout the development of our knowledge management solution was fantastic. The platform has had a significant impact on our business efficiency, across all functions and on a global scale.”

    AESSEAL is a global mechanical seals manufacturer based in Rotherham, employing 1,700 people across 104 countries and has annual sales of £160m.

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