Our Approach - Project Management

What is Audacia’s approach to project management?

We deliver high quality bespoke software development projects thanks to our expertise in, and the market’s preference for, agile project management. Our preferred methodology is Scrum, an iterative and incremental approach to agile project management. We appreciate, for certain software development projects alternative approaches may be required and are also happy to work within fixed-scope project management approaches.

What are the benefits of an Agile approach?

  • Flexible approach, with fixed time and cost budgets
  • Adapt to changes and additions to project requirements
  • Continuous interaction with customer to clarify and prioritise requirements
  • Iterative releases with continuous improvements driven by customer feedback
Certified Scrum Professional & Master
Scrum - Process Flow Chart

Scrum Model

Why do Audacia use Scrum?

Scrum is a lightweight process framework for agile software development, that takes into account that during a software development project requirements will change, either as understanding of the project evolves, or to adapt to changes in the customers’ commercial needs.

How does Scrum work?

  • Required features are captured in a product backlog and then prioritised.
  • Working in 2 week cycles (sprints), the development team work on a selection features from the backlog.
  • At the end of each cycle, the team will deliver an updated, working piece of software.
  • Feedback is then used to drive later stages of development