Our Approach - Managed Development

What is Audacia’s approach to managed development?

With a managed approach Audacia will take full ownership of the bespoke software development project from analysis through to deployment. We will work with you to identify key project stakeholders, managing analysis workshops and scheduling reviewing meetings. Once the development is complete, Audacia will support you with the training, rollout and support of the project.



How are projects delivered?

Each project is different & our approach depends on the project management style that best fits your needs.

Typically, our team works with you to gain a detailed understanding of your current business processes. We then capture and challenge requirements based on one or more analysis workshop(s).

From here, for an Agile project, we break the development down into modular releases & agree a high-level project plan for delivery. Working within the agreed time & cost boundaries for each release, our team continuously engages with you to refine requirements, demonstrate new functionality & gather feedback.



How do I monitor project progress?

Our development process is transparent. You can use our online project management tool to:

  • Review work scheduled to be completed (at all times)
  • Track progress of performance against development plans (at all times)
  • Provide feedback (at all times)
  • Sign off specific areas of functionality (as appropriate)


How are projects delivered?

Projects are delivered either as web-based, mobile or desktop applications.

During development we continuously release versions of the system, each with incremental changes, for you to test and provide feedback. For web-based projects we then host live, test and training versions of the software. All supporting documentation & software source code is also delivered as part of the project handover.

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