Our Approach - Collaborative Development

Benefits of Collaborative Development

  • Flexible access to our resource pool of skilled and talented software engineers.
  • Real-time monitoring of progress tracking and performance management.
  • Remove requirement for recruitment and training of staff.
  • Clear & transparent billing.
Collaborative Development

When is outsourcing most suitable?

Outsourcing to Audacia is most suitable when you have the structure to initialise and manage projects but do not have application development resources.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your software development to Audacia?

  • Maintain ownership and overall management of the project.
  • Develop and release modular components over time to meet business needs and budgets.
  • Access the skills you require from our teams of project managers, business analysts, developers and QAs.

When is co-sourcing most suitable?

Co-sourcing to Audacia is most suitable when you have existing software development resources and you have a requirement to scale that resource to achieve your project goals.

What are the benefits of co-sourcing your software development to Audacia?

  • Scale your team size to meet project delivery targets.
  • Manage integrated scrum teams using online tools, such as Visual Studio Online.
  • Benchmark processes and technologies against other Audacia customers, across various industries.